Rain and kim tae hee dating 2014

Couple Rain and Kim Tae Hee Spotted On A Date In LA

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Although the date is not confirmed yet, the couple will definitely wed this February Since the couple started dating, there have been numerous wedding rumors between them that their respective agencies have refuted several times. In one of his interviews, Rain promised that should they be getting married he will be the one to announce it to their fans and rightly he did. Fans all over Asia were delighted with the news.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee met while doing a commercial film CF for social commerce company Coupang which was released on November The chemistry is very much evident partnervermittlung shanghai the filming. Since the Coupang CF, it has been said that Rain and Kim Tae Hee developed feelings for each other and become a couple. Rain entered compulsory military goch single and reported at the th Army draft camp for 21 months of conscription.

The first time that Rain and Kim Tae Hee were caught in camera dating. The two enjoyed a date in the car, believing they were away from the public eye. In December 2nd and 29th, Rain took another leave from his military radio station post. Dispatch said that the couple got together. During an interview, Rain was asked about his relationship with Kim Tae Hee, he said that their relationship is still going strong.

When my album comes out, ehe will probably hear it. Rain was baptized by the Catholic Church. It is widely known that Kim Tae Hee and her family is a staunch Catholic and when Rain was baptized, wedding rumors started flying. The couple boasted of their steady tqe. After a three year break from music, Ikm released this song which was composed by his long-term friend PSY. A part of the lyrics of his new song: On January 17, Rain confirmed marriage plans with Kim Tae Hee through a handwritten letter on his Instagram.

The fans that were with me all that time have become beautiful women and mothers. As such, we apologize for not revealing details to the public. Kiim will continue to move forward with my career, both as a singer and actor, with responsibility and ,im. The two have built up their relationship of love and trust as a couple over the years, and that relationship 22014 finally yielded its fruit. They plan on carrying out their ceremony as quietly and as piously as rxin under the guidance of the Catholic church, and to honor the wishes of both as well as their parents, we cannot reveal the time and place of the wedding, for which we apologize.

They will hold a small and meaningful ceremony with only their families present, and have not yet made gee plans for a honeymoon afterward. Children, 20014 are the beautful gifts of two coming together, will be discussed slowly after the ceremony. Any questions and concerns there may be, we will answer as soon as we come to a decision on each situation. Lover of all thing British and Korean. Sucker for British Accent. Fangirl of Korean dramas, Liverpool, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafa Nadal and Britney Spears.

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