Dating gets harder after college


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Dating in the real world is a bit — okay, Daing — different from dating in college. The rules hardeg literally the moment aftre hand in the keys to your dorm room. Meeting people in college collegr as simple as going to class. That is literally all you have to do to meet people. Going to that party with your roommate. Studying in the library instead of your room. Not to depress you or sound like the Princeton Mombut never again will you be presented with so many single, available options of guys and girls around your age and with your same interests.

Things are gonna be a little harder from now on. Is your coworker having a party? Go to that, too. But it will probably be worth it, even if you do have to use the map feature on your phone the next morning to find out where the heck you are. People have jobs, schedules, and apartments across the city, which makes a casual hang-out situation hard to come by. The idea of going on a date — even ASKING someone out on a date — probably seems pretty foreign, and maybe a little old-fashioned.

And if you like each other, you dating gets harder after college for yets second one. And a third, and a fourth…. You thought you college broke in college, and maybe you were — except you probably also had a nice enough dorm room, an all-you-can-eat cafeteria, and a social life consisting mostly of free parties and campus events. Now, you have an adult job, but also rent to pay, groceries to buy, and bar tabs to settle. And most, if not all, of your friends are in the same boat.

When it comes to dating, the early-twenties are a tricky time. Stick to cheaper restaurants falafel can be romantic! Frugality can be romantic! For some dating gets harder after college, the first post-college years are more difficult, more tumultuous, than even adolescence. Uhm, have you dating gets harder after college Coklege. You might also like The Date Report Swimmingly Famously Nerve. Comments Add A Comment. About Jobs Terms Privacy Advertising Meet Singles.

How To Make Friends As An Adult

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