Gay guys how to flirt

How To Flirt With Gay Men

11 Flirting Tips for Socially Awkward Gay Men

I'll admit, when it comes to flirting, my got-it-going-on gears could use a little aphrodisiac oil. Gay guys how to flirt then again, I'm in a long term relationship and don't really have any reason to flirt — or do I? See, I have a philosophy that flirting is an integral part of the social fabric of our lives. Some people wink and flirt to get a little extra shot in their morning Starbucks. Others flirt to try to get an extra discount on a new pair of "gee, your butt looks hot" jeans.

And then, others like me, flirt because it's fun to engage with people and get them to drop their shields not their drawers and see the fun, flirty side of them. Even the subtlest conversations invite people to flirt, enticing each other to bring forth our truest sexy selves. Which begs the question, who is the best at flirting—Gay men, lesbiansheterosexual men or hetero women?

Sure, each group has their own innate Flirt Skills DNA. Well, think about this—most women, regardless of breast size, have a way of using their pleasure humps to hypnotize guys and even other women in order to get what they want. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying all women use their booby-guns to manipulate. I'm simply stating the fact that a sex y woman's awareness of the wide-spread love of boobies has the potential to help her rule the world.

On the guy side of things, most men, gay or straight, know how to turn on their little "love yababy" voice to make hearts melt. Of course they wouldn't be caught dead using that voice in the locker room for fear of being shamed and banned from the gym for life. But the truth remains, gay guys how to flirt bring their own unique secret weapons to the flirt game.

Here's what I find interesting: However, in my observations, gay men not all of them are the hands-down masters of the art of flirting. Here is what gay men seem to understand that can help you up-level your flirt skills: So, are gay men better at flirting than their straight counterparts? In a gay guys how to flirt, "Yes! If they are in a healthy space with themselves and know who they are, then the their flirtablity mojo is right in alignment with their truest sexy selves.

From that grounded space, of course it's easier to be playful and shine some fun flirtatious energy outward when you're true to yourself and love who you are inside. And that's something we can all learn from. Ready to be more confident and improve the art of your flirt? Check out The Art Of Kick Ass Confidence. Expert Support Experts Advice Thought Leaders Become an Gay guys how to flirt Experts FAQ.

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